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International Shipping


We are proud to ship MADE IN USA products to customers in many countries around the globe. Alliance Supply is exporting to Middle East, Asia and other countries since 2006. 

You can shop with confidence for all your international orders, please add your products to shopping cart and checkout with "International Checkout" option; our third party company will handle all your international orders including shipping, its easy.

International sourcing and specialty product procurement services to; Oil, Ga


Refinery, Chemical, Construction, E



gy, Water, Waste and Petrochemical Industries. 

Our experts can provide professional assistance to clients and end-users in identifying
theirequirements in accordance with the international standards and codes, especially when it comes to replacing and updating obsolete products or Equipment's. Our commitment to you is that we will provide outstanding support and service to get the best quality products at their best available price in a responsible and timely manner.

Alliance Supply has years of experience in international product sourcing. Our expert Sales, Engineering and Purchasing professionals have impeccable talent in providing Parts, Equipment's and Materials to worldwide market. We supply a wide variety of items such as Valves, Tools, Switches, Pumps, Testing Equipment's, Safety Equipments and Instruments, Electrical Equipments, Spare Parts, Protective Apparels, Mass Notification Sirens, Fiber Optic Instruments, Wire & Cables, Construction Materials and Environment-friendly Resins and many other products.

If you are looking any USA products, please send your RFQ through our Contact Us page and we are glad to send you a Free Quote.



Analog and digital pressure gauges
Differential pressure switches
Digital and analog flow meters
Digital thermometers
Fire alarm and detection systems
Flow controllers
Gas and combustion analyzers
Gas Chromatographs
Level controllers
Level gauges
Level transmitters
Lighting and secondary surge protection
Liquid analyzers
Motorized actuator valves

Multi function digital testing and calibration equipment
Multi-sensing gas monitors
Pneumatic emergency shutdown control valves
Pressure and temperature gauges
Pressure switches
Pressure transducers and transmitters
Programmable logic control ( PLC ) systems
Safety valves
SCADA systems
Solenoid valves
Temperature switches
Vibration Monitoring Systems



AC Controls
AC Motors
Battery Charges
Cathodic Protection
Circuit Breakers
Control Panels
DC Controls
DC Motors
Electrical Testing Equipment
Full Voltage Controls
Low Voltage Solid State Starters
MCC Buckets
Medium Voltage Controls
Motor Control Centers
Power Factor Correction


Protection Relays
Pump Control Panels
Semi Conductors
Variable Frequency Drives


Air Coolers
Coalescing Gas Filters
Cooling Towers
Crude Oil Dehydration and Desalting
Direct and Indirect Fired Heaters
Flare system and Flare stacks
Gas Dehydrators
Gas Filtration and Separation
Gas Scrubbers


Heat Exchangers
Liquid-Liquid Separators
Oil/Gas Manifolds
Oil/Water Skimmers
Oil/Water/Gas Separators
Pig Launcher and Receiver
Pressure Tanks
Pressure Vessels
Sweetening Units


Centrifugal Pumps
Charger Pumps
Chemical Pumps
Diaphragm Pumps
Dosing Pumps
Injection Pumps
Jet Pumps
Mud Pumps
Positive Displacement Pumps


Progressive Cavity Pumps
Reciprocating Pumps
Rotary Pumps
Screw & Gear Pumps
Slurry and Duplex Pumps
Submersible Pumps
Vacuum Pumps
Vertical Turbine Pumps


Angle Valves
Ball Valves
Below Sealed & Cryogenic Valves
Bleed Valves
Buttery Valves
Check Valves
Choke Valves
Control Valves
Diaphragm Valves
Drain Valves


Gate Valves
Global Valves
Knife Gate Valves
Needle Valves
Piston Check Valves
Plug Valves
Relief Valves
Safety Valves
Solenoid Valves
Wafer Check Valves



Active Network Devices
Clean/Inspect/Test kits
Connectors & Adapters
Consumable Items
Couplers 7 Splitters
Enclosures (OSP & Premise)
Fiber Attenuators
Fiber Identifiers
Fiber Optic Cable


Fiber Optic Patch Cords
Fiber Optic Pigtails
Splice Kits
Polishing tools
PON Meters
Power Meters
Pulse Suppressors
Tools & Tool Kits




Do you ship outside the United States of America?

Yes, Alliance Supply does ship outside the United States. Please email us or call us your questions and request for quote (RFQ).

Do you provide Quotes?

Yes, We are happy to provides Free Quotes on any USA products, Please send your RFQ’s

Do you provide quotes on those products Not Listed in the website?

Yes, we are happy to provide Free Quotes on any USA products. If the product is legal to export, then we will export. Please review our Shipping Policy.

How is the Export Order Process Works?

  1. Email with your contact information, shipping address, and items part number you are looking to purchase
  2. Once your email is received, a sales representative will email an estimate to you with an itemized quote of the products you are looking to purchase. Please allow 24-48 hours for a sales representative to provide a quote.
  3. Placing an order is simple, reply to us with the quote number that you want to place an order, and issue an official purchase order.
  4. We will email you a pro-forma invoice based on your purchase order and our billing department will email you with wire transfer information. Please note; there is a fee for wire transfers payments, notary certifications and other services which required for export.
  5. Once the wire transfer is complete please email to us a copy of the wire transfer payment with confirmation that your wire transfer has been completed so our customer service can expedite your order.
  6. Upon receiving full wire transfer payment Alliance Supply will process your order. Lead time on shipping varies on products and different locations.
  7. We will ship all our products with our commercial invoice and packing slip and email you a copy of all documents; also we will prepare the export documents.
  8. Let us know your choice of shipping carrier and your account number; we will work with them for the pickup arrangements and submit the export documents to them.
  9. We will email you with tracking information once the order has left the warehouse so you can track your shipment.
  10. Normally we will ship through DHL or Expeditors. You can choose your own freight forwarder and let us know their details; we will work with them to make the shipment go smooth.

Do you charge taxes and duties?

No, Alliance Supply does not add international tax, tariffs or duties to orders. It is our customer’s responsibility to pay these fees. Alliance Supply is not responsible for any international shipping cost.

What method of payment do you accept?

Alliance Supply will only accept ‘wire transfer’ payments for international orders. Currently we do not accept international credit cards. We accept payments only in US Dollar.

What carrier do you use to ship international?

Alliance Supply uses a variety of different carriers for shipping. Smaller items will ship through DHL, TNT and Larger items ship through Expeditors or it is our customers choice how they want to ship and who they want to use for Freight Forward for their air or sea shipments.

How much do you charge for international shipping?

All our prices and quotes are FOB shipping point USA. It is our customer’s responsibility to handle the shipment. In special cases we are happy to provide shipping quotes. Alliance Supply is not responsible for any international shipping cost. Alliance Supply is not responsible for any shipping damages and we are not liable for lost shipments. We do encourage our customers to take insurance from your shipping carrier for shipments.

Do you ship full container or partial container order?

Yes, we can ship full or partial container orders. Also we can get container shipping quotes for large orders.

How do I track my shipment?

We will e-mail you the DHL tracking number

What if I want to return my export order?

All international orders are a final sale only. Alliance Supply does not accept returns for any international order. All international orders are non-refundable due to the long distance they must travel, makes them not in resalable condition when they arrive back in the U.S. All international sales are final; however we will work with you all the way to solve any issues. You can count on us for our services beyond export.

U.S. Government export rules and regulations?

Alliance Supply follows all U.S. Government export rules and regulations. All items purchased by our international customers are subject to export restrictions by the United States Government. Alliance Supply does not sell any products which is restricted or prohibited. If an export license is required to export an item, we will not ship the item. Customer shall be responsible, at its own risk and expenses, for obtaining any required authorization, such as an import license, foreign exchange permit or any other official government authorization, even though any such authorization may, at customer’s request, be applied for by Alliance Supply.

Export Compliance?

Customer shall provide to Alliance Supply with relevant end-use, end-user and country of end-use information with respect to the goods, services, software or technology to be supplied. Based on and in reliance on such information, Alliance Supply will sell such items in compliance with applicable trade and customs laws including that of the United States of America. Alliance Supply cautions and the customer acknowledges that any change in the end-use, end-user of country of end-use may be restricted or prohibited by applicable trade and custom law, whether it to be the U.S. or other country. Customers were not permitted to purchase our products; it shall not use and shall not permit any third party to use such items in connections with the design, production, use, or storage of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons or missiles of any kind. Alliance Supply complies with all U.S. trade and customs laws, our customer shall comply with all trade and customs laws of their country.

Do you have Force Majeure?

Alliance Supply shall not be liable; for any failure or delay in delivering the products or in the performance of its other obligations to our customers, caused by or arising out of (a) compliance in good faith with any applicable foreign or domestic governmental regulations or order of whatever nature and whether foreign, federal, state or local; (b) all acts of God (such as, but not limited to , floods, fires, or tornadoes); (c) strikes and other labor trouble; (d) delays or nonperformance by suppliers (or other third parties) of raw materials, power or other needed supplies or services (e) delays or nonperformance by transporting carriers; and/or (f) any other cause, contingency, or circumstance not subject to the reasonable control of seller effecting the  performance of sellers obligations. Alliance Supply shall determine in good faith the extent to which it can reasonably control a cause, contingency, or circumstance affecting its performance obligations.



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